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    The pandemic has changed our lives forever. As we grip with losses and grief everyday, young children haven’t been spared either. In spite of our efforts to protect them, studies have shown children are being deeply affected mentally and emotionally. To help children cope with daily life and the challenges ahead, the WORLD HEALTH ORGANISATION has laid down 10 essential life skills every child should be equipped with.

    This online Summer Camp by Mumbai’s leading counsellors, RMCC, is aimed to help children of different age groups, to adapt and deal effectively with changes. It will make them emotionally strong, build social and interpersonal skills and help them move ahead confidently.

    Life Skills Summer Camp Details

    • Conducted by experienced professionals
    • Live interactive sessions of 1 hour each
    • Comfortable batch size of 15-20 students
    • Opportunity to attend & interact with same age group

    For Grade 4 to Grade 6
    Focussing on

    • Empathy
    • Self-awareness
    • Creative thinking
    • Critical thinking
    • Effective communication

    For Grade 7 to Grade 9
    Focusing on

    • Problem Solving
    • Decision Making
    • Coping with stress
    • Coping with emotions
    • Interpersonal Relationships

    Zoom ID for the training sessions will be shared with participants over email.
    FEES: Rs 1200

    Grade 4 to Grade 6Grade 7 to Grade 9
    Session NameDate & TimeSession NameDate & Time
    Creative Thinking17th – 11amCoping with Stress17th – 4pm
    Empathy18th – 11amCoping with Emotions18th – 4pm
    Critical Thinking19th – 11amDecision Making19th – 4pm
    Self Awareness20th – 11amInterpersonal Skills20th – 4pm
    Effective Communication21st – 11amProblem Solving21st – 4pm