Understanding your Child’s Behavior

On 20th November, 2021, RMCC conducted a workshop on ‘Understanding your Child’s Behavior’ for the parents of students in pre primary and 1st and 2nd grade of Ramniwas Bajaj English High School (ICSE)

The purpose of the workshop was to address the various issues faced by the parents in dealing with their children (emotional, behavioral, academic and cognitive) and provide strategies for the same. 

The workshop started by opening the floor to the parents to mention about the challenges that they are facing with their children. The facilitator at RMCC started the workshop with how parenting is not an easy task and how difficult it is for them to manage everything by themselves.  It is a full time role with no breaks. The different possible difficulties were then discussed. The parents mentioned that children are sometimes stubborn, do not follow instructions, throw tantrums, do not listen to what they’re saying, have difficulties with reading, etc. 

Various academic and behavioural concerns were discussed and also why do children behave the way they do and the same was discussed with parents. The parents were also briefed how they need to pay attention to those signs and symptoms as we can start with early intervention and support the child in the early formative years. 

Various parenting strategies were discussed such as how parents can assist their children when they are facing difficulties and how we can manage their behaviors better.  The parents discussed multiple concerns during the session like how to manage their tantrums, how they have been facing heightened emotions from their children, lack of interest in academics, etc. The parents were provided with some helpful tips but were encouraged to reach out to the RMCC counselors to discuss and understand the challenges in depth and discuss relevant strategies. 

Very importantly, the parents were informed about the importance of remaining calm, patient and offering choices to their child. The importance of spending quality time with the child was also discussed.

The workshop was very interactive. The parents got their queries answered and doubts cleared. RMCC received good feedback from the parents.