Workshop on Empathy and Educators

On 03rd July 2019 RMCC had organised a workshop for all Staff teachers for MBIS School The objective of the workshop was to enable teachers with skills to understand the student’s world and how a skill like Empathy can do wonders in a child’s life and subsequently improve a teacher student relationship.

RMCC professional initiated the discussion about how to decipher student’s behaviour. What are the various reasons for student’s behaviour? Even a small change in their routine can make them fussy and difficult to handle in a classroom.

Teachers were trained in understanding what empathy is and how a small gesture of empathy verbal or non verbal can have a positive effect on the students.

Various skills like how perceiving and communication can help a student feel that his feelings are acknowledged and it is okay to feel unhealthy negative emotions. Expressing these emotions can help a child deal with his/her emotional baggage. Teachers were provided with skills to empathise with children and express it to them. The teachers were motivated to share their experiences and the barriers to express empathy were discussed. Various strategies were discussed and shared with teachers on respective cases they put forth in the forum.

RMCC professionals also provided inputs on class room strategies including modification and provision given in a classroom setting which can help and boost a child’s academic motivation as well as confidence.

The process of how teachers can identify and refer the child once the initial identification is done and the process for the same was discussed. The workshop was concluded on a successful note.