Workshop on Understanding Separation Anxiety among Toddlers

Workshop on Understanding Separation Anxiety among Toddlers


The workshop on Understanding Separation Anxiety among Toddlers conducted by the Ramdhar Maheshwari Career Counselling Center at Mainadevi Bajaj International Playschool on 14 th June 2023 was a valuable and informative session for the parents. The session began with a warm welcome and an opportunity for the parents to express their feelings. Since the session aimed to explain separation anxiety, it was important for parents to identify and acknowledge their own emotions.


The focus of the session was on understanding different temperaments in students and how they cope with emotions in their own unique ways. The parents were provided with insights into age-appropriate fears and the various causes of these fears. They were also guided on how to strike a balance and support their children effectively.


Throughout the session, parents shared their personal experiences, allowing for a fruitful exchange of strategies and insights. Real-life situations were presented as examples to help parents better understand and relate to the topic. Additionally, the session emphasised the potential escalation of separation anxiety and provided guidance on when it might be necessary to seek professional help.


The parents learned valuable coping mechanisms that could assist their children in managing separation anxiety. Behavioural strategies were also discussed to help parents create a supportive environment at home and aid their children in dealing with anxiety.


The session benefited from the valuable inputs of the Head and Teachers, who shared their personal experiences. This added perspective and depth to the discussion, enriching the parents’ understanding of separation anxiety.


Overall, the parents found the session interesting and helpful. They expressed a desire for it to be longer, indicating their engagement and enthusiasm to learn more. The orientation successfully equipped parents with the knowledge and tools to support their children through separation anxiety.