Is Career Counselling Helpful after 10th?

Is Career Counselling Helpful after 10th?

Class 10 results are out and the run for colleges will soon begin. Students and parents both will be drowned in the conundrum of career choices. But do you know that you can save yourself from intense state confusion and the dilemma of what career to choose? Today, we focus on why and how a career counsellor can help you during this crucial period of your life.

The days when only two or three fields were considered to be prestigious for pursuing a career are long gone. Great minds have given birth to great ideas which have made kind of jobs available which didn’t exist a decade ago. But, unfortunately, not many students or parents are aware of such great opportunities and emerging fields. This leads them into a rabbit hole of confusion and then to a decision that might not turn out the way they expected.

Majority of class 10th students have no idea what they want to pursue. And it is completely natural. Students have to make an important decision for the first time in their life. What to do? Which stream to take after 10th? Which college to choose? And numerous such questions keep popping up during the month or two after the results. The transition phase is overwhelming and misinformation can lead a student into the career not suitable to her abilities. This is also the phase where a student’s ‘decision making’ abilities are rigorously tested. A skill which is considered to be the secret behind the success of the world’s most successful people.

But the options are numerous and the choice just one. The task might get daunting. So is there any way to simplify the process? Yes, there is. This is where a career counsellor comes in.

A professional career counsellor can make a positive difference in a student’s life. Career counselling helps students to identify their own strengths and make them realize where their true potential lies in. It helps students to easily navigate the path through a complex maze to reach the door of their desired destination among a hundred other doors. Now some common questions that arise are why should I take career counselling? How does it work? Is it really helpful?

Let me answer these questions in detail

Why Career Counselling?

Students don’t have enough exposure and awareness about various streams and the scope of each stream after 10th. Usually, the majority of students choose science among science, arts, and commerce without knowing which stream might suit their abilities. But going through a career counselling session helps the students to look into themselves and know their areas of strength.

So, a student good in mathematics and analytical skills could explore options in science and commerce more than arts as this is where her core abilities will bloom. Knowing your own strengths early in life not only helps get your vision clear but also gives enough time to polish those strengths. Therefore, career counselling after 10th can prove a boon for a student and help her make the right choice.

What Options after 10th?

After 10th numerous doors of opportunity open for the students. The most important decision to make here is to choose between three streams: Science, Commerce, or Arts. Before choosing it is crucial to understand all of them as each stream leads to different career scopes.

  1. Science – Science offers multiple career options and is a flexible stream that allows students to choose commerce or arts after pursuing science. Science stream requires students to choose six subjects with one compulsory language. Physics, chemistry, math, biology, computer science, etc. are some of the main subjects students can choose. Students can pursue higher education in research institutes doing Ph.D., Post-doctorate, etc. It offers job opportunities in teaching, research labs, pharmaceutical companies, and much more.
  2. Commerce – Commerce is the stream that offers great careers in the financial sectors after 10th. Commerce stream leads towards jobs like chartered accountant, company secretary, investment banking, etc. These are some of the highest paying and respected jobs in the industry. Subjects include accountancy, marketing, income tax, business economics, business law, etc
  3. Arts – Arts stream offers exciting career opportunities. Students inclined towards creativity should go for Arts stream as it offers huge scope to explore one’s creative potential. Here students have the scope to select from subjects like sociology, history, literature, psychology, political science, philosophy, economics, etc. Arts leads you towards careers like teaching, literature, social work, etc.

How does Career Counselling Work?

Each student has some unique abilities. Some are good at analytical skills, some are excellent speakers, and others have a good hold on the language. The important thing to note here is that these special skills are camouflaged with other regular activities and a student can’t fish out extra-ordinary from ordinary.

A career counsellor conducts student’s assessments, understands student’s concerns and viewpoints, gauge her personality and potential that leads to career options where the student can excel. Using the science of deduction, the counsellor eliminates the options that don’t compliment the students’ abilities. Thus, narrowing down the choice to a few. These filtered career recommendations are based on the student’s assessment results, her personality, areas of strength, and where she can flourish her talents.

Is Career Counselling Helpful after 10th?

Now that we have come to the end of this article here are few closing thoughts on how helpful career counselling can be after 10th:

Students don’t just have to choose a subject but a whole stream after 10th. Among Science, Commerce, and Arts the confusion is immense and they are likely to fall into the trap of herd mentality – choosing a stream just because their friends are. This eventually leads to a choice that doesn’t match with the student’s abilities and then the low grades follow.

Realizing the qualities and potential sets the student in the right zone and assures their bright future. A career counsellor helps the student to know himself better. A building is as strong as its base foundation and the stream you choose will be your future’s base foundation. Take a step forward, tap your true potential, and excel beyond limits in your life.

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