Let’s make their journey through Exams Joyful…

Let’s make their journey through Exams Joyful…

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Board examinations are not only challenging for the students but also a testing time for their parents. Students who are appearing for pan India board examinations are under tremendous stress of their academic performance and way forward in their Career.

Parents knowingly or unknowingly add on to their child’s anxiety. In their efforts to push the child to do his best many times parents build undue pressure on the child which results in child shying away from sharing his problems with parents. A change in attitude from parents, teachers and well wishers creates a daunting environment for the child, thus besides the academic pressure students are grappling with emotional issues. Withdrawal shown by the students leave parents perplexed as to what they can do to reach out and assist their children in this important phase of life.

Here are few guidelines for parents to assist their children sail through this phase seamlessly:

Be with them not after them!

Parents often drive their children up the wall by constant nagging for studies. Not that they don’t have best interest of their child in mind but they seldom realise that they are causing more stress than motivation. What they could do is be around the child showing their support and letting child know he could lean on them for assistance. This would allow child to open up to his parents.

Don’t pamper with food!

Students often neglect their food and sleep routine whilst they are busy with their examination preparations. Parents need to take care of their child’s diet and well being. They could help monitoring their child’s food routine and ensure healthy and nutritious diet. Encourage students to take small exercise breaks in between their study routine. Go for a short walk with them or play any outdoor game. Aim is to keep their body healthy and mind fresh.

Marks are not proportionate to your Love!

Let your child know you believe in him and his performance is not related to your love for them. Children should know their parents love them unconditionally. Your display of affection should not be varying with their results and efforts. Your belief and trust in them need to be displayed and known to them. Often it is the key source of strength for the child and helps them unleash their potential without performance fear.

Board examination is not the end of the World!

Students find it difficult to conceptualize their way forward and many times are in a delusion that their World comes to an end if they don’t perform well. It’s important for the students to be motivated to give their best without the fear of failure. Parents should discuss the alternative options that would be available for students post their board examination. This would help in both ways prevent them from being overly worried for their results and also keep them motivated to work towards their dream career.

All parents would want to give best to their child and expect them to do their best it’s just the subtle change in approach which makes all the difference and turn the stepping stones of the child’s career into a strong foundation. Just as every bud blossoms into a flower with right care, trust and love, so would every child in its own unique way with care, trust and love.

– Dixha Nath.

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