The Power of LinkedIn

The Power of LinkedIn

All of us spend an immense amount of time scrolling through Instagram, reading random messages on Facebook and WhatsApp and sharing memes with each other. As fun as these activities are, they lead to lower attention span and barely any learning? Ofcourse, we all need time to rejuvenate at the end of the day. But we also need to focus on aspects that help with our learning and growth. Here’s where LinkedIn comes for our rescue.

But what exactly is LinkedIn?
LinkedIn is an invaluable resource and a professional networking social media platform for students and working professionals to strengthen their individual brand or their company. It currently has over 500 million members in more than 200 countries.

Why should we be on LinkedIn?
1. It helps us understand about the different internship/ job openings in the field.
2. It helps us network and read about what imminent people in the industry we work in have to say.
3. It educates with current trends and information.
4. It builds your personal brand, trust and credibility.
5. It is used by employers to seek new candidates for jobs.
6. It helps rank your name in Google and understand employers about your profile.
7. It can be used to highlight your achievements and accomplishments.
8. It helps you understand better about the jobs/ companies you are applying for.
9. It also helps us learn about the different professional certifications available in the field/ otherwise
which we can use to learn and grow.
10. It is an amazing research, information and learning tool.
11. It helps you understand how much other people in the industry are getting paid and if you have any better job opportunities.
12. Last but not the least, LinkedIn is completely FREE!

Some helpful tips for creating a LinkedIn Profile.
1. Use a professional and formal display picture.
2. Write a detailed and relevant bio which would catch the reader/ employer’s attention.
3. Please ensure that you fill in all the relevant details correctly and complete your profile using correct grammar and spellings.
4. Reach out and add professionals in your field and learn from them.
5. Highlight and write about all your achievements/ share pictures to show your growth since college.
6. Follow pages/ people/ Join groups from the industry and learn about the recent trends.
7. Obtain recommendations from people you have worked with to highlight your strengths.
8. Attend sessions/ Use resources shared by experts in the industry.
9. Regularly go on the app/ website and check for updates and update about yourself to be active.

In current times, it is more important than before to be updated with the latest trends and be well versed with them. A completed LinkedIn Profile can help you connect with imminent professionals in the field, get better opportunities, help you to learn, showcase your experience and help in showcasing your unique professional story.

Building a LinkedIn Profile requires expertise and guidance from professionals. To help build your LinkedIn Profile, reach out to RMCC @ 9004258230/9004444085

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